Cultural Workshops

Navigating Culture and Bias Workshop

We’re pleased to present our Navigating Culture and Bias workshop. This workshop is a highly interactive and challenging training that provides teams with an opportunity to unpack the layers of culture, privilege, and power while identifying how these concepts create opportunities to work effectively with immigrants and refugees. The workshop also aims to create a safe space for organizations and institutions to examine their own personal ideas and biases while learning tools to implement cultural humility practices when working with a diverse and multicultural community.



The training can be catered to meet the needs of any group. A minimum of 90 minutes is required. 

We are able to offer the following modules: 

  • Cultural humility and how it can be applied in the workplace and with clients 
  • Power and privilege 
  • Biases and how they impact the workplace 
  • Personal development – effective communication, conflict resolution, self-care, wellness, and goal setting 
  • Legal terms of immigration – unpacking the meaning of asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants and understanding the public benefits each group can access 
  • Resources and referrals – learn about specific resources for immigrants and refugees and ways to make referrals for client success 

We are able to work with groups of any size to meet your training needs at an affordable price.

Half-day training (4 hours or less): $150

Full-day training (4-8 hours): $300

For more information or to set up a consultation, please contact Amy Shackelford at or call 317-808-2326. 

Cultivating a Welcoming Community

For the individual who wants to learn more about equity, diversity, and inclusivity we also offer a monthly training called Cultivating a Welcoming Community.

Learning Objectives
  • To cultivate supporters understanding of the need for IWC’s services 
  • To increase the participants’ understanding of the challenges immigrants face integrating into the community and accessing services 
  • To increase the participants’ ability to implement practical strategies for creating more welcoming communities in Indiana 

Registration is free and open to the public. Upon signing-up for the event, registrants can make a one-time donation through Eventbrite.

Upcoming Workshops

Thursday, September 17, 2020 | 6:00 pm – 7:15 pm